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Daniel Padilla’s extraordinary paintings capture the essence of life through his unique treatment of light and dramatic use of color. He is intrigued by both abstract and representational elements that he incorporates in his designs. His elegant compositions often represent graceful forms set against richly hued backgrounds. Inspired by his love of music, Daniel uses long, expressive brushstrokes to create his passionate works of art.
Raised in Santa Rosa, Texas, Daniel Padilla began creating art at a very young age. Encouraged and supported by his artistic family, he excelled early on and even started selling his work at age 12. He received numerous awards for his talent throughout grade school, high school and college, and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Texas- Pan American in 1994.
His artistic career began in decorating department stores. Following that, he worked several years as an art teacher in Houston, Texas which allowed him to continue working on his own art and eventually opening a gallery with his brother Manuel, also an artist. Together with his brother, Daniel has since exploded onto the art scene.
Daniel Padilla has become a major player in the field of art with major shows including the International Artexpo in New York and the International Artexpo in San Francisco. He was invited by the Edna Hibel group to participate in a national tour where he exhibited alongside world renown artists Edna Hibel and Pierre Matisse, grandson of Henri Matisse. His work was received with great enthusiasm.
Padilla’s work is actively advertised in major art magazines including Southwest Art and Les Avenues. Private and corporate collectors worldwide seek and collect his work. A big supporter of the arts and other community organizations Daniel donates his time as well as his talent by participating in several national fundraisers annually, including the Sunshine Kids and the American Red Cross. Padilla continuously donates artwork to help raise funds for the Academy of Fine Arts Foundation, an organization that is supported by Hollywood celebrities such as Jane Seymour, Loni Anderson, and Barbara Eden, among others. The Foundation offers grants and scholarships to student and professional artists. The artist also joined Levi-Strauss & Co. in raising funds to benefit the San Francisco Youth Arts Foundation and DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting Aids).
Daniel Padilla and DNM Art Group have quickly become a huge success due to the overwhelming continued support and encouragement of his patrons and fans. Daniel’s collection of limited edition giclee’ prints on canvas and original paintings can be found at fine art galleries across the country.
Currently Daniel Padilla has relocated to Dallas, Texas where he has opened his own gallery, the DANIEL PADILLA GALLERY and represents a variety of artists including his brother Manuel Padilla, sister Raquel Padilla-Perez, and mother Francis Padilla. For more information please contact the Daniel Padilla Gallery at (713)392-7014.


M. Padilla, Barbara Eden, Loni Anderson, Daniel Padilla
Academy of Fine Art Foundation Gala - Laguna Beach, CA


Daniel Padilla, Jane Seymore, Manuel Padilla
Academy of Fine Arts Foundation Gala - Laguna Beach, CA


Manuel Padilla, artist Marina Mirkovich, Houston Mayor - Lee Brown, Daniel Padilla


DIFFA Jacket 2005


DIFFA Jacket 2006